One of the most prominent features that these double storey link houses shares are an alternating facade. Each pair of these double storey link houses exudes the contemporary flair with its symmetrical design and unspoken charm. In addition, the fenced precinct is guarded 24 hours a day, with only a single entry and exit point, so uninvited guests are prevented from stirring the idyllic community.

Different dimensions of the spacious double storey link houses are available from 22ft x 60ft to SuperLink 24ft x 80ft to fulfill the needs of bigger family, offering more space for family activities and privacy.

For those who prefer cozy apartment living, Meranti Apartment in Puchong Hartamas is an ideal choice. The 4 blocks of 5-storey apartments are nestled in the pulse of a thriving township, with plethora of public amenities serving the vicinity.

The Jati Apartment, is just simply stylish and affordable. Located in low density township of Puchong Hartamas, Jati Apartment is quite a gem. Consisting of 4 blocks with a total of 160 units, it inherits the convenience and mobility of neighbouring townships.