Imagine a home away from the bustling rat race of city life, surrounded by Mother Nature’s tranquil embracement while yet, still maintains the importance of urban comfort. The pursuit for the perfect homestead, has led a young couple and a promising engineer to find their ideal homes at KimCrest.

Yong and his wife Kelly

Situated at Puchong Hartamas, the young couple, Yong Hoong Kuan and his wife Kelly Ng found what they were looking for when they bought such a house.

Its spacious accommodation fashioned with the natural landscape has become a sanctuary for the heart and perhaps, hope for what could be considered as a brighter future.

“We had searched through a lot of places before we found what we were looking for with KimCrest,” the proud Yong beams.

A gated and guarded community housing area, it’s to become a bastion of aspiration, as one knows that what is truly significant to them will be carefully and lovingly protected. A trait that as Yong declares, will provide him with an ease of mind when he knows that his home, his family and more importantly, their future, will always be safe.

Their tremendous confidence was not misplaced, with the assurance that years of experience in residential understanding has taught Capital Land the very essence of creating a peaceful haven.

The familiarity of thirty years experience has established Capital Land as one of Malaysia’s leading developer in the property and construction industry.

The Yong couple knew that they had to buy their dream home from the moment they laid their eyes on it. To them, it was all they wanted. They already knew that everything important to them will be safeguarded. It is the home where the young could blissfully grow while the old may gracefully ease.

Kenny, this is the one!

Another tenant, Kenny, a young engineer for a prominent logistics company, was lured there by the sense of calm his new home could provide. “This is the one!” he told himself when he saw it.

Well-positioned between Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, its meticulous location places it as a convenient residence to various key areas of Selangor and the Klang Valley. This includes the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia’s administrational centre Putrajaya and technological centre of Cyberjaya.

With an articulated union of roads and location, one can virtually be on their way anywhere within the Klang Valley in minutes as KimCrest is fittingly enclosed around key highways that grant easy access to the LDP and KESAS as well as the ELITE expressway and the Sungai Besi-Puchong bypass.

Abundant with an assortment of commercial amenities, one can easily reach the Tesco and Giant hypermarket for daily necessities or the IOI Mall to slake a shopper’s hunger.

Even for the career minded enterprisers, the host of business centers coupled with varied restaurants and shops would make any workaholic look like revelry makers. Blending business with pleasure would never be the same again.

If residential intentions were not on the mind of buyers, its proximity presents itself as a goldmine.

Kenny, who sees himself relocating within a decade or two, maintains that he would never sell his KimCrest home. Realising its potential value, he knew he will still keep the house as investment since it already is a much sought after property.

“The place is also worth investing as it’s worth a lot of money,” says the Yong family. Adding that the area’s freehold status will ensure that the property they bought does not have an expiry date. With the property value rising, the family believes that in the long run, KimCrest will be worth more than its currently affordable state.

Allan, the place is also worth investing
as it's worth a lot of money

Even the father of the wife, Allan Ng, is awed by the dimensions of his children’s new home. From his experience, most of the houses he had seen would normally require additional reconstruction, but not KimCrest. As to him, everything was well thought out.

“We like it the way it is,” all three agreed. “Even if there were any desired renovations, it’s minimal”, they added with a smile.

KimCrest, the darling estate of Capital Land is poised to become the envy of many in the growing suburb of Puchong. Aptly situated on the higher grounds of Puchong Hartamas, KimCrest offers three distinct layouts to satisfy the diverse needs of the buyers. With round-the-clock security and complemented with lush greenery landscape, it promises a carefree lifestyle within a beautiful sculpted neighborhood. KimCrest, dream homes made possible.