Could luxurious living amidst the surroundings of green serenity and modern amenities be possible in a matured township like Cheras?

Touted as the most luxurious housing project within the new neighbourhood of Cheras Hartamas, the low density and gated bungalow homes of Vistamas is by far Capital Land Sdn Bhd’s greatest pride and joy under the stewardship of Managing Director and CEO Raymond Tan.

What is distinct about Vistamas is that Raymond set out to create a new benchmark for stylish living within a predominantly contemporary Chinese community where small and medium businesses reign supreme.

Raymond, a developer who believes in karma, could never bring himself to delivering substandard products. As he once said, “We build homes as if we are the ones staying in it.” Naturally, only the best will do!

Not one to build mass housing, this developer relies on thorough understanding of the market needs before hitting the Go! button. And as luck has it, the folks in Cheras were more than ready for a lifestyle upgrade even before the arrival of Vistamas, making it the jewel at the hilltop of Cheras Hartamas when it was born.

Located at 570 ft above sea level, Vistamas caught the attention of Sunny Kong and his seasoned Cheras family, among the many discerning buyers. For them, it was the right time because the growing family could no longer be housed under the same roof in Taman Segar, close to the popular Leisure Mall.

“Our family is growing because some of my brothers are getting married. My parents are also the type who like to have their children staying together,” says Sunny, eldest child among four siblings. Including his parents and an aunt, the Kongs required a house that could fi t 10 easily.

Their quest for a new home had taken them as far as Puchong and Kota Damansara. However, they dismissed all the projects even though some were bigger and cheaper. “The reason is because Vistamas is actually a better development compared to the rest!” explains the mild mannered Sunny.

Sunny, among the many
discerning Vistamas buyer

Their keen interest in Vistamas began as soon as the project plan unfolded. From the individual home designs to the serenity of the surroundings, it garnered top spot on the Kongs’ shopping list. It is also ideal because Sunny’s family quarry business is within the Cheras vicinity in Taman Billion. Hence, eliminating the need to reacquaint with a totally new environment. He also confessed that the orderly layout of the 35 homes and the excellent customer service by Capital Land had won their hearts over!

From the six available designs, all centred around family warmth and homely atmosphere, the Kongs chose V3, a design that accentuates on maximising the interior space yet providing sufficient privacy through the different pockets of living spaces like the living room, dining area and two terraces. It is indeed ideal for the 10-member Kong family!

Each Vistamas home comes with 6 bedrooms, 5 baths, a private garden and a 4-car car porch. V3’s unique features include the 2 additional terraces (one each at the front and side of the house), a larger wet and dry kitchen as well as the bigger ensuite wardrobe and bath. All these fit within a 4,698 sq ft built-up area.

“There is also a swimming pool and BBQ pit for the community. This will be ideal for the kids and family,” says Sunny. He further adds that since the price of the homes are within the RM1.8mil to RM2.5mil bracket, the living atmosphere among the affluent is likely to be more pleasant.

Other finer points of this exclusive enclave situated close to the Bukit Seputeh Forest Reserve include the underground drainage and cabling system, the open concept of the swimming pool area with a contemporary timber deck, a water curtain on one of the pool walls, the emphasis of greenery with trees planted in front of each unit against the backdrop of the forest reserve, round-the-clock security with CCTV as well as a Smart Security Access Card system enabling residents to cruise in and out just by flashing their access cards.

When asked if moving into a guarded environment will inconvenient his family, especially his parents who are already in their 60s, Sunny says, “Not really. On the northern end, we have the bustling Leisure Mall about 5 minutes drive away and on the opposite end there is a new commercial centre which will be completed soon. I don’t see any problem for us.”

At present, Vistamas is nearing completion, in June 2007 to be exact. But how Capital Land will fair in its delivery of a high end residential project remains much to be seen.

“Since the house is almost ready, we have already carried out the necessary inspections. There were defects from the first inspection though not severe but they were all rectified in less than a week. The workmanship too was very tidy and the contractors were very helpful and receptive!” exclaims Sunny. “To top it all, the site supervisor even fixed one of the defects before we spotted it!” Safe to say, quality control and assurance are guaranteed.

This is a stark contrast from his current condominium. While he was quick to qualify that it is unfair to compare 2 differing developers (condo against landed), it did however irk him when he had to endure a leakage up to 2 weeks before it was being fixed.

From an investment point of view, the dream bungalow purchased by Sunny and his parents has since increased to RM1.8mil, a commendable 6.5% appreciation amidst the lacklustre performance of the property market last year. So, what does Sunny think of this appreciation?

“Well, we bought it as our permanent family home and not really with a mind to sell although we know investment in this area is a safe bet given the on-going developments in its surroundings. This is why we’re not really fussy about it being leasehold because whenever it is time for us to sell, if we sell that is, the value would have appreciated anyway. But I reckon it will reach RM2mil in about 5 years’ time.”

With the market promising to be more vibrant in the coming years, Sunny’s home will cross the RM2mil mark in less than 3 years and touch RM2.3mil in 5 years if it appreciates steadily at 6.5% annually. But regardless of the appreciation, Sunny’s parents are already eagerly anticipating the move from their current dwelling. They are in fact looking forward to spend their golden years together with the family as they can once again live under the same roof.

The Kongs are perhaps one of the many satisfied clients Capital Land has ever had. The difference however lies in Raymond’s aspiration to break new boundaries and set a benchmark in the already bustling and matured Cheras. If the sincere smiles of Sunny are anything to go by, then Vistamas has indeed accomplished yet another important milestone in Capital Land’s more than 30 years history in Property Malaysia!